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What Are Unreasonable Attorney Fees?

Judge’s gavel atop piles of hundred dollar bills.

After a long expensive legal battle, you may look at your final bill and wonder if it was worth it –- you may even be wondering if your lawyer overcharged you for their services. How are clients supposed to know what is fair and what is an unreasonable attorney fee? And what protections are there for clients whose lawyers have overcharged? It happens more than you would think. There are attorneys out there who are willing to charge exorbitant fees that their clients cannot afford — why? Because they think they can get away with it. But you don’t have to...

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Can I Sue My Lawyer for Misrepresentation?

Man sitting next to his lawyer during his trial, looking displeased.

Can I sue my lawyer for misrepresentation? Your attorney is intended to be your advocate, helping you weather the storm within the justice system and shielding you from any unnecessary harm that may come your way. So when your attorney, the person entrusted with upholding the law and protecting your interests, harms your case, what can be done? Can you sue them for misrepresentation? If your attorney deceived you for personal gain, misrepresented the facts, or otherwise violated their duty to you as a client, you may be able to sue them. Suing a lawyer is complex and proving that your lawyer...

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Can I Sue My Lawyer for Negligence?

Stressed-out lawyer being sued for negligence.

If you’re wondering “Can I sue my lawyer for negligence?” then you’re likely looking for justice after your previous lawyer screwed up your case. But what counts as negligence? Do I have to hire another attorney to make things right? There are likely a lot of questions going through your head and hiring another attorney is the last thing you want to do, but Ross Sears and the lawyers who sue lawyers at Sears Crawford have built a reputation for bringing justice to their clients who have been wronged by their previous attorneys. Ross has been suing lawyers in Texas for over...

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How Long Do You Have To Sue an Attorney for Malpractice?

Male judge showing hourglass in a courtroom.

When an attorney fails to meet the mark it can have disastrous consequences for their clients, which is why negligent attorneys can be held liable for their malpractice, and clients who have been harmed have the ability to sue their previous lawyers for damages — but what are the parameters on when you can sue your lawyer? How long do you have to sue an attorney for malpractice? Ross Sears and the lawyers who sue lawyers at Sears Crawford know how to sue an attorney in Texas, and can help you right the wrongs caused by your previous lawyers, getting you...

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Ross Sears Named “10 Best” in Texas

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Ross Sears II, Texas-based legal malpractice attorney and co-founder of Sears Crawford, has been named one of the “10 Best” Attorneys in Texas by the American Institute of Legal Counsel, whose rating system helps clients throughout the United States make educated decisions when it comes to choosing the right attorney. The “10 Best” Award is by nomination only, with each attorney’s eligibility for selection depending on nomination by either the Institute itself, a satisfied client, or a fellow attorney. An attorney must, as well as securing a nomination, have attained the highest degree of professional achievement in their field of the...

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The Importance of Communication in the Attorney-Client Relationship

Lawyer and client shaking hands and expressing trust.

What type of relationship do a lawyer and a client have? An attorney-client relationship establishes an attorney’s fiduciary duty to their client, which essentially means that the attorney must, by law, act in the best interests of their clients. If this is the case, why does it seem like some lawyers don’t have the best interests of their clients in mind? This often boils down to poor communication. There’s nothing that makes someone feel less taken care of than being ignored. In this article, the lawyers who sue lawyers from Sears Crawford will discuss communication within the attorney-client relationship, attorney-client privilege, and...

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The Impact of Legal Malpractice on Clients

Young stressed out woman clutches her head at her desk.

Attorneys play a vital role in protecting the rights and interests of individuals and businesses alike, and when they don’t do their job, it can have a devastating impact on their clients and the justice system at large. Ross Sears II and the lawyers who sue lawyers from Sears Crawford are here to discuss the significant damage that clients can suffer if their attorneys commit legal malpractice. If you or a loved one have been harmed due to your previous attorney’s legal malpractice, call Ross at 713-223-3333 today to discuss your case, and begin the process of recovering what you deserve. What is...

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How To Choose the Best Legal Malpractice Attorney for Your Case

Attorney shaking hand with a client

The best way to set yourself up for success in a legal malpractice case is to choose the best legal malpractice attorney that you possibly can. The best way to do that is to research them thoroughly and familiarize yourself with some basic elements of legal malpractice. You’re likely in this position (looking for a new attorney) because you have hired a bad lawyer in the past. Therefore, we’ll skip through the part where we tell you how important the decision to hire your lawyer is. Instead, we’ll take this time to give you some tips that point you in the...

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Types of Damages in a Legal Malpractice Case

Gavel atop a pile of cash, next to a calculator

Those who have been harmed by their previous attorney’s negligence and are looking to sue their lawyer are likely wondering what types of damages are recoverable in a Texas legal malpractice case. The attorneys at Sears Crawford know legal malpractice in Texas. Ross Sears II, the lawyer who sues lawyers at Sears Crawford, has been suing lawyers in Texas for over 30 years, protecting his clients’ interests and fighting for what they deserve. Call Ross Sears at Sears Crawford today at (713) 223-3333 for a free consultation. How legal malpractice damages work Damages recoverable in cases of legal malpractice in Texas are generally and...

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Can I Sue My Lawyer for Losing My Lawsuit?

Attorney speaking at the stand

Those who have had a bad experience with a previous lawyer can feel like they have no options. You probably wish you could start over and hire someone else from the beginning, and are likely wondering what you can do about it now. You may even find yourself asking questions that parrot, “Can I get my case reopened? Can I file a complaint? Can I sue my lawyer?” At Sears Crawford, as lawyers that sue lawyers, we get that last question a lot. Can you sue your lawyer for losing your case? You might be able to, but it depends on...

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