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If your attorney missed deadlines in your case, they may have also missed opportunities to win your case. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, you are putting your future in their hands. The least they can do is meet their deadlines - and if they didn’t, you may have grounds to file a legal malpractice claim.

Missed deadlines are a sign that your attorney may have committed legal malpractice, which occurs when an attorney breaches their duty to provide competent representation to a client, usually through a failure to meet ethical and professional standards.

Missed deadlines are often the root of malpractice claims. Failure to calendar important dates is a serious error, and a sure-fire way to weaken a case. The law does not make room for negligence. Whether they simply overlooked it, made a mistake, or were just plain organized, the law still holds your attorney liable if their mistake caused you economic loss or other damages. If your case was harmed because your former attorney missed a deadline, you need a Houston legal malpractice attorney and you need one now. At Sears Crawford, we sue lawyers because of our commitment to our clients and the integrity of our profession and we are prepared to help you right the wrongs that have been committed against you.

What happens if a lawyer misses a deadline?

While failure to calendar important dates can negatively impact your chances of winning a case, not every missed deadline constitutes malpractice. In order for missed deadlines to entitle you to monetary damages against your attorney it must be proved that the actions of your attorney caused you harm, for which you deserve compensation.

Commonly missed deadlines

Deadlines that are often missed that can affect the outcome of your case include:

Statutes of limitations

Statutes of limitations are among the most commonly missed deadlines because every claim essentially has an expiration date. The statute of limitations on malpractice cases is generally (but not always) two years from the date of discovery of malpractice.

Litigation responses and answers

Litigation responses and answers have a time limit. Late filing of court documents can mean something as simple as failure to respond to the lawsuit, or failure to timely respond to discovery questions. Sometimes these errors can be fixed and sometimes these errors have negative consequences.

Missed meetings and hearings

Missed meetings and hearings are often very difficult to reschedule, and can mean the loss of a case.

If your attorney receives an extension or continuance on missed deadlines, although it is frustrating and can delay your case, it becomes very difficult to prove harm. Winning malpractice cases is hard. If you plan on winning you’ll need one of the best legal malpractice attorneys in Texas, like those at Sears Crawford. Call us today to discuss what deadlines were missed and how they hurt your case.


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What can I do if my lawyer missed a deadline?

If your lawyer missed a deadline and it negatively impacted your case, you may be due compensation through a legal malpractice claim. This means that you’re going to have to hire another lawyer and you need a better one than you hired last time.

Incompetence by former attorneys can leave a bitter taste in your mouth for a long period of time after the dust has settled. If you’re going to hire a new lawyer, you need to hire one who specializes in the different types of legal malpractice and who has dedicated their life to their clients as well as to the integrity of the profession.

At Sears Crawford, we don’t get paid until you do. We are honest and available. And we sue lawyers! Wondering “how do I find a good malpractice lawyer?” We recommend someone who is Board Certified and who has extensive experience successfully suing unethical lawyers.

Don’t let your former attorney’s missed deadlines be the end

Missed deadlines shouldn’t dictate the results of your case any more than your former attorney’s incompetence should dictate what happens in your future. You need the right attorney to make things right.

Ross Sears is Board Certified in Personal Injury Law, the area of specialization that encompasses legal malpractice, by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has spent 30 years suing bad lawyers and fighting for his client’s rights.

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