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Have you been harmed by a dangerous drug side effect, a defective medical device, or other defective products?

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For decades, the defective drug and defective product lawyers at Sears Crawford have successfully represented clients from across the country who were injured by bad drugs and/or products. Over that time, the need for powerful lawyers to take on powerful companies and manufacturers has, unfortunately, only increased. 


Thousands of people are injured each year in the U.S. because of a defective or faulty product. Fortunately, product manufacturers are held to a high standard of care when designing, manufacturing, and selling their products.


At Sears Crawford, we do everything it takes to make sure that our clients get just compensation, and that the defendants responsible for their injuries are held accountable. If you need help recovering compensation for an injury caused by dangerous or defective medical device(s), drug(s), or product(s), call us today at 713-223-333 to request a FREE consultation.

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What is considered a defective product or defective drug?

Far too often, manufacturers put products on the market before they are properly or fully tested. When these corporations put profits ahead of safety, it can result in catastrophic damages to the public in the form of serious personal injuries. In extreme cases, dangerous and defective products can lead to serious personal injury and even death of the innocent consumers who use them. 


These defective products come in many shapes and sizes—from automobiles to farm equipment and from toys to tools. In cases involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, these products can include prescription medications; Johnson & Johnson baby powder; hip replacements; and other surgical implants. 


Products are considered defective if they have:


  • Design defects: Defects present before the product was ever completed. When making a claim that a product suffered from design defects, it must be proven that these defects would create “foreseeable” (and often intentionally ignored) bad outcomes.
  • Manufacturing defects: Flaws that occurred unintentionally as the product was being made.
  • Marketing defects: Defects within a product’s instructions, labels, or safety warnings. 


Keep in mind that if you made any changes to the original product, were aware that your product was defective and decided to use it anyway, or ignored instructions and warnings for how the product should be used, that your potential compensation may be reduced or negated.

Retaining a defective product lawyer in Houston

Can you sue a company for a defective product? Yes, you can. 


A trusted and experienced defective product attorney in Houston (also called Houston product liability lawyers) can provide you with invaluable peace of mind that everything about your case is being handled by a professional. 


At Sears Crawford our defective product lawyers in Houston:

  • Assist in gathering information and evidence that supports your case
  • Keep track of important information and deadlines so that you don’t have to 
  • Have experience negotiating settlement offers so that you get the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled
  • Take the case to trial if the Defendant doesn’t offer our client(s) enough money to settle the case.


We offer FREE consultations. We also work on a contingency fee so you don’t have to worry about how you will pay for an attorney. We only get paid if you get paid. If you do not win compensation, we don’t get paid. Note that the latter is standard practice for liability and personal injury lawyers. If a lawyer charges you exorbitant fees or expenses throughout your case, that is a red flag that you may eventually be visiting us for our services as legal malpractice lawyers. 

Our experience:


Sears Crawford has experience representing those harmed by side effects from transvaginal mesh. Tens of thousands of women suffered physical injuries and emotional and financial distress as a result of poorly designed and poorly tested transvaginal mesh products. Along with a strong team of defective product attorneys in Houston, Sears Crawford has fought for our clients’ rights to receive the compensation they deserve for transvaginal mesh complications.


Sears Crawford have also represented plaintiffs in cases related to automotive defects and the serious injuries they caused, including seat belt issues, tire tread separations, and explosions/fire upon impact.

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Retaining a defective drugs lawyer in Houston

Defective drug lawyers in Houston (also called pharmaceutical personal injury attorneys) work in similar ways to defective product lawyers in fighting powerful and oftentimes secretive pharmaceutical companies. Sears Crawford works closely with some of the best lawyers in the country handling these types of cases for our injured clients.


As with defective product cases, the damages in these cases can result in a manufacturer paying compensatory damages as well as punitive damages (damages meant to serve as an additional punishment for wrongdoing.) These damages can amount to tens of millions of dollars in recovery to clients.

Our experience:


Vioxx is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug marketed by Merck & Co. to treat osteoarthritis, acute pain conditions, and dysmenorrhea. Although Vioxx was designed to treat patients with chronic and acute pain, it also caused some fatal and non-fatal side effects. Our defective drugs lawyers have successfully represented many users who have taken action against the drug manufacturer of the drug Vioxx.

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When you or someone you loved is hurt by a defective product or drug, the defective product lawyers at Sears Crawford are here to step in and help. We will take all the steps necessary to help you through this painful process and get you and your family members the compensation they deserve, including but not limited to possible punitive damages.

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