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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, you need aggressive attorneys with a proven track record of maximizing recoveries for their clients.

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Wrongful Death

When a person loses a loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit may be an option. Family members, including children, parents, and spouses may be able to recover compensation for the love, care, and support that would have been provided by the person who was killed, as well as the mental anguish and emotional losses caused by the loss of the loved one, and possibly lost wages and/or loss of financial support.

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Trucking Accident Injuries

Trucking accidents can cause serious injuries, usually to the occupants of a much smaller passenger vehicle. When you are injured in an accident with a big rig, it is crucial that you contact an injury attorney right away to discuss your legal rights to compensation. Commercial trucking companies and their insurance companies are notorious for offering very little to truck accident victims and sometimes, during the delays, witnesses and evidence disappear. Thousands of people are injured in trucking accidents every year, only to be offered far less than they deserve for their injuries.

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Plant Explosion/Burn Injuries

Workers who suffer severe burns or injuries in plant explosions also suffer some of the most painful, catastrophic and disfiguring injuries imaginable. In addition to the pain and extreme discomfort of plant explosion injuries, emotional and psychological scars can last a lifetime. As the medical expenses start to pile up, they can quickly become an overwhelming burden for those suffering the lasting effects of a burn or injury. We can help with those types of costs and expenses.

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Burn Injuries

Burn victims understand that, aside from the crippling pain and physical scars involved with a serious burn, there are also psychological scars involved. Medical bills start to mount, which seem even more overwhelming when the burn victim cannot return to work immediately, facing the additional burden of lost wages. We fight to ensure the victims of burn injuries get the compensation they need to move forward and repair their lives.

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Brain Injury

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can happen as a result of a sudden impact. The impact may cause the brain to collide with the skull, resulting in a closed head injury, or if an object impacts the skull directly, damaging the brain. Do not deal with these types of injuries and problems alone. Let us help you and lift these added burdens from your shoulders.

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