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Commercial Litigation

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Get the Compensation you Deserve

We help those who find themselves locked in a business dispute or real estate dispute, with partners, family members or third-parties.

As Your Commercial Litigation Attorneys, We have:

Free telephone, and email consultation

Office located in Houston, Texas

We don't get paid until we recover your money

Extremely high success rate

Examples of Cases We Can Help You With Include (But Are Not Limited to):

Business Disputes/Partnership Disputes

Real Estate Disputes


Breach of Fiduciary Duty Allegations

Breach of Contract Cases

Multi-Level Marketing/Pyramid Cases

Handling commercial litigation disputes since 1991

The attorneys at Sears ✯ Crawford, L.L.P. have been handling commercial litigation disputes since 1991. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis because we believe in fighting for people who would otherwise have no recourse or ability to seek justice. In this way, our clients owe us nothing until we are able to recover on their behalf, either through trial or settlement of their case.

When it comes to business or real estate disputes, don’t settle for less. Fight to win.

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