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Do Not Hire A Lawyer Who Does Not Carry Legal Malpractice Insurance

Potential legal malpractice client checking to see if a Houston lawyer has legal malpractice insurance

When you hire a lawyer, one of the first things you should ask that lawyer is “do you carry legal malpractice insurance?” If the answer is “no,” walk away from their office. DO NOT EVER hire a lawyer that doesn’t carry malpractice insurance. An attorney commits legal malpractice, either intentionally or unknowingly, when they “act or fail to act” in a manner that a reasonable and prudent attorney would (or would not) act under the same or similar circumstances, and that action or inaction causes damages to their client. When this happens, legal malpractice insurance exists to protect the lawyer, but...

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How To Fire a Lawyer in Texas

How to fire a lawyer in Texas, man tearing up contract

Clients wondering how to fire a lawyer in Texas should also consider whether their attorney’s behavior amounts to legal malpractice. Tensions can run high in attorney-client relationships. Disagreements on strategy, perceived lack of commitment, apathy towards a case, infrequent communication — there are a number of reasons for firing your attorney. All of these examples are frequent and extreme annoyances, but in certain cases, they can also give rise to a lawsuit for malpractice. Sears Crawford’s legal malpractice attorneys in Houston have been suing lawyers for over 30 years, and are here to tell you when and how to fire a...

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Hiring a Legal Malpractice Attorney in Texas

Hiring a legal malpractice attorney in Texas, shaking their hand

Hiring a legal malpractice attorney in Texas can be a daunting task. Clients who have been harmed by a previous attorney surely won’t want to relive the process and stress of having to find and hire another attorney, not to mention finding a Lawyer who sues other lawyers — but if they don’t hire another lawyer, how can they seek justice? If your previous attorney did not fulfill their duty to you, then you need a legal malpractice attorney in Texas this time around. You need an attorney who specializes in holding lawyers accountable, bringing justice to clients, and restoring integrity...

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5 Things You Need to Know About Suing a Lawyer for Malpractice

5 Things You Need to Know About Suing a Lawyer for Malpractice

If you were a victim of legal malpractice and are considering suing a lawyer for malpractice, there are certain facts that can be helpful to know in advance. At Sears Crawford, we sue lawyers in Houston, throughout Texas, and across the country who have failed to represent their clients’ best interests. Our fiduciary duty is always to our clients, not to our colleagues. Holding lawyers accountable may not be the popular thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do.  Our legal malpractice attorneys in Houston share what they wish all of their clients knew when they begin to ask,...

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