What Can I Do if My Attorney is Not Doing Their Job?

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What Can I Do if My Attorney is Not Doing Their Job?

What Can I Do if My Attorney is Not Doing Their Job?

It’s a question prospective clients ask us all the time: “What can I do if my attorney is not doing their job?” If you’re entrusting your wellbeing to an attorney, it’s only natural to wonder if they are doing their job correctly. After all, hiring an attorney can be stressful, so we understand that you want to get the service that you’re paying for. Taking legal action against your attorney can be a confusing process. Serious and trusted legal malpractice attorneys at Sears Crawford can aid you in navigating this complex issue.

At Sears Crawford, we sue lawyers because we take an attorney’s obligation to their client seriously and our clients ALWAYS come first. If you believe that your attorney is not doing their duty to you, we’ve provided some steps that can help you try to remedy the problem. If the below steps do not fix the problem then you should contact us to discuss your options.

Step 1: Speak with your attorney

The first item that you must understand is that legal matters are very complex. Before pointing fingers at your attorney, sit down with them and have an honest and open conversation about your experience with them thus far. Tell them your concerns and ask your attorney what steps they are taking to handle your case. Tell them you want to be kept fully informed of the facts of your case as it is developed. IF the attorney still doesn’t respond to you or keep you informed or you are otherwise having problems communicating, then we suggest you communicate with the attorney in writing and ask that they also communicate in writing. This makes it harder for the attorney to ignore you or not be responsive.  

When preparing for this conversation with your lawyer to discuss these uncomfortable issues, keep in mind the following examples of unethical behavior to look out for. 

Examples of unethical attorney behavior 

  • The attorney has missed important deadlines 
  • The attorney does not keep the client reasonably informed
  • The attorney has not been transparent regarding the use of your funds
  • The attorney is neglecting your case

Curious about other reasons to file a complaint against an attorney? Visit our article What is breach of contract?

Step 2: Get a second opinion

If after talking to your attorney you are still unsure about the attorney-client relationship, getting a second opinion can help you weigh and consider your options. Reach out to another legal professional, explain your issues and concerns with your current attorney, and hear their advice. 

Gaining another lawyer’s perspective can give you clarity about your situation and help you learn whether or not your attorney is looking out for your interests or their own, which may then cause you to consider suing your attorney for legal malpractice or Breach of Fiduciary duty. If they suspect your current attorney of committing malpractice, it would be wise to contact a trustworthy legal malpractice attorney at Sears Crawford for their perspective.

For example, depending on the circumstances, they may advise that suing for breach of fiduciary duty could be a successful move. Be sure to ask in-depth questions about their advice so that you can develop a plan of action. 

Step 3: Contact a trusted legal malpractice attorney

If you are considering hiring a legal malpractice attorney to sue your current or previous attorney, you should contact Ross Sears, a top malpractice lawyer in Houston at Sears Crawford. Ross Sears has been suing lawyers for almost 30 years and is Board Certified in Personal Injury law, which encompasses legal malpractice cases.  

The experienced attorneys at Sears Crawford can help you determine if you have a solid case against your current attorney and will hold them accountable for their actions. 

Attorney Not Doing Their Job? Contact Sears Crawford ASAP for Representation.

What can I do if my attorney is not doing their job? You have the right to take action against an attorney who is neglecting you, the client, and your case. A top legal malpractice lawyer from Sears Crawford is here to fight for those who have been wronged by their attorneys. With over 60 years of combined experience, Sears Crawford has successfully sued lawyers across Texas and around the country. 

If your lawyer has done anything to harm you or your case, we are here to help. To schedule a FREE initial consultation, contact us online or call at 713-223-3333 today.

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