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Environmental Disasters

Oil Spill Attorneys

Sears ✯ Crawford, L.L.P. has years of experience representing clients in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida who were harmed by the BP Oil Spill and its aftermath. If you are one of the tens of thousands who have been affected by an oil spill, then you know the effects this spill can cause clients to endure.

If you or your property has been damaged/injured due to an oil spill, our attorneys have hands-on knowledge of oil spills, their effects, and know what it takes to get the compensation you deserve.

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Hurricane Damage Attorneys

Month after month, year after year, you pay insurance premiums to protect your home in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. However, when the time comes to file a claim or collect on that policy, your insurance denies your request.  The attorneys at Sears ✯ Crawford, L.L.P.  have helped many clients recover compensation for their hurricane property damage claims. With the help of our attorneys, you can hold your insurance company accountable for your damages.

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Natural Disaster Attorneys

Not just hurricanes, but also floods, tornadoes and earthquakes can be compensable. When your insurance company is less than willing to come to your rescue, call the attorneys at Sears ✯ Crawford, L.L.P.

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